Kenichi Miyazawa Solo exhibition 'LIVING DEAD STOCK'


※ Open on Wednesday 〜 Saturday、Last Sunday

*Please wear a mask, take your temperature and disinfect yourself when you visit the venue.
*Please note that admission may be restricted depending on the congestion of the venue. Thank you for understanding in advance that you may be required to stand in line.
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13:00 – 19:00

CALM & PUNK GALLERY will be holding the solo exhibition “LIVING DEAD STOCK” by Kenichi Miyazawa from May 22nd (Sat) to June 6th (Sun).

While working as a member of the artist unit “magma,” Miyazawa also creates his own art through painting, ceramics, three-dimensional objects, and more. In 2020, he held the solo exhibition “Gorira Ga Banana Wo Kureru Hi Ni” (in Japanese, The Day When Gorillas Give Us Bananas) for the “SFT Gallery” at the museum shop “Souvenir from Tokyo” in the National Art Center, Tokyo.

“LIVING DEAD STOCK” will be the second solo exhibition for the artist at CALM & PUNK GALLERY, two years after his first solo exhibition, “CHOCO MINT CONDITION,” held in 2019. In this previous exhibition, Miyazawa presented various three-dimensional objects reconstructed from junk collected around different places, based on his father’s love of carpentry and DIY.

For this year’s exhibition, Miyazawa once again challenges himself through pottery work, born from the artist’s own unwavering intuition despite being shaken by the reality of these last two years and his feeling of distance toward physical matter.
In a time where we cannot explore sensation and shapes in tangible spaces, Miyazawa’s reflexes repeatedly travel between different timelines. Enjoy the imaginary journey that exists between the repetition of contradiction and humor in an era when science fiction has become a reality, water has run out completely, flowers bloom from Coke bottles, and the relics of such a time are alive as animal-shaped dummy dolls.

〈 Artist statement 〉
I want to trust my gut.
The logic will come later.
––Kenichi Miyazawa

〈 On Kenichi Miyazawa’s LIVING DEAD STOCK 〉

CALM & PUNK GALLERY presents Kenichi Miyazawa’s first solo exhibition in two years.
The last two years were nothing ordinary. Cities blared sirens, guidelines restricted movement, and travelers were forced to either stay or go. The connections between our immediate realities and far off events appeared to fade. Now the common denominator between here and there is transformation. It’s happening all over the world.

The transformation in Miyazawa’s work should be immediately palpable.

Things, habits, moods, and shapes all change. Everyone responds in their own way, while Miyazawa acts on his first intuition. His reflexes become an imaginary wanderer, traveling from place to place.

In a world where multiple timelines intersect, water is gone, flowers bloom from Coke bottles, and animals lay like relics of a sci-fi-reality era. Miyazawa embarks on a new challenge through ceramics, conjuring indigenous communities who first inhabited the land.

Whatever shape it takes, let us continue this journey for as long as our creativity permits.

Noriyuki Abe

〈 Kenichi Miyazawa profile 〉

Miyazawa creates his own art through painting, ceramics, three-dimensional objects, and more, all the while working as a member of the artist unit “magma.”

Held the two-person exhibition “GRANDMOTHER” with Ōkubo Ryū at TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS.
Held his first solo exhibition, “CHOCO MINT CONDITION,” at CALM & PUNK GALLERY.
Participated in the art fair “EASTEAST_Tokyo.”
In the same year, he held the solo exhibition “Gorilla Ga Banana Wo Kureru Hi Ni” at SFT Gallery.

Instagram: @ken01_magma