“アウターサイド -OUTERSIDE- ”


May 16th(Fri) – June 7th(Sun), 2015


12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Monday





Opening Reception

May 16th(Fri)
19:00 – 22:00

CALM&PUNK is proud to present “OUTERSIDE”, an exhibition by Kenichiro Mizuno, Motohiro Hayakawa and Masanori Ushiki.

This exhibition will be held at CALM&PUNK GALLERY starting this Saturday, May 16th.

For this exhibition, Kenichiro Mizuno and Masanori Ushiki was brought together by Motohiro Hayakawa, who initiated the project. 
 The three of them are born three different decades, the 60s, 70s, and 80s, with seven years between them. Despite this, they all share the same passion for everything superhuman, and mainly draw their inspiration from 60s and 70s Japanese monster or “tokusatsu” movies. While that inspiration remains in this exhibition, here there is as also a focus on reflection in regards to the universal beauty than the human brain is capable of producing. For all three of the artists, the conceptual “superhuman” or “superman” is a symbol of beauty -April, 2015 Kenichiro Mizuno

■早川モトヒロ / Motohiro Hayakawa
Born in Yamashita prefecture, Japan 1974. Graduate of Yamaguchi College of Arts. Started working as an illustrator in Tokyo in 2000. Currently working as an artist, doing exhibitions and live painting both internationally and in Japan. Has especially received high praise in France and Spain, for his solo exhibitions and art books.

■牛木匡憲 / Masanori Ushiki
Born in Niigata prefecture, Japan 1981. Graduated from Musashino Art University after studying foundation design. A stationary manufacturer, currently working as a freelance designer and painter through a web production company. Has experience in a vast number of areas including web design and game graphics, as well as advertising and magazine illustrations. Is currently active with designing goods and apparel. Provided illustrations to the children’s television show “Shakin!” on NHK in 2014.

■水野健一郎 / Kenichiro Mizuno
Born in Gifu prefecture, Japan 1967. Dropped out of a Social Development and Systems Engineer program at Tottori University Faculty of Engineering. Graduated from the art school “Setsu Mode Seminar”. When not doing solo exhibitions on his own, other activities include genre-crossing collaborations with fellow artists. Release anthology works “Funny Crash”(2009) and “KATHY`s New Dimension” (2011) published by “CULTUART by BEAMS”. Was in 2012 active with the video team “Paranormal” and art unit “Psychokinesis”.