another world


3/5(Sat)〜 3/27(Sun)
13:00 – 19:00
※ Open on Wednesday 〜 Saturday,Last Sunday


*Please wear a mask, take your temperature and disinfect yourself when you visit the venue.

*Please note that admission may be restricted depending on the congestion of the venue. Thank you for understanding in advance that you may be required to stand in line.

*Please note that the exhibition period and opening hours may be subject to change depending on the situation. Any changes will be announced on the gallery website and Instagram.

CALM & PUNK GALLERY is pleased to announce Tomoki Kurokawa’s solo exhibition, another world.
Kurokawa has actively presented his works at galleries in and out of Japan. In recent years, he’s also focused on self-initiated projects, seeking to communicate with viewers through open studios and workshops.

Another world is the title of an exhibition where Kurokawa showcases a series of works––these are multiple iterations conceived under the same name. This is the inaugural show in a series of exhibitions that will be presented on an ongoing basis. Kurokawa has consistently pursued the habits of acquiring knowledge and cultivating ingenuity. He also paints visible things in a perceivable way while simultaneously betraying the viewer’s visual common sense. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition to witness the artist embark on this new challenge.

As a painter, I create work and hold exhibitions.
Through my craft, I continue to visually betray the viewer’s common sense.
I sell my art and deliver the experience of owning an artwork.
Another world marks the beginning of a homonymous exhibition series that I hope to develop in the future.
Another world box set is a series of works that pair a painting with a box.

-Tomoki Kurokawa

Tomoki Kurokawa

1975 Born in Mie prefecture,, Based in Saitama prefecture. Painter.
From 2000 Started working as an illustrator.
From 2008 Started paiting the artworks. Belong to NANZUKA.
Actively exhibiting locally in Japan and abroad, Kurokawa has been focusing on personal projects,
such as public artworks and workshops to communicate with viewers in recent years.
Kurokawa continually strives for a practice of ingenuity and wisdom, in using his art practice to
represent that which is already visible, but at the same time performing a betrayal of our notions of
visual common sense.

Recent solo exhibition
2021 “new works”soil, Saitama, Japan
2020 “LUMINE Meets Art AWARD 2019-2020”LUMINE SHINJUKU, Tokyo, Japan
2019 “routine”FAITH, Tokyo, Japan
2018 “frontier”FR2 GALLERY2, Tokyo, Japan

Recent group exhibiiton
“3MIMESIS” (Hitoshi Odajima /Aki Tsukamoto/ Tomoki Kurokawa) mograg gallery, Tokyo, Japan
“East-East vol.4 / The Curio Shop part I” HB.Nezu, Tokyo, Japan
”East-East vol.4 / The Curio Shop part III”BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo, Japan
“Collection exhibition”B gallery, Tokyo, Japan
“JP POP UNDERGROUND” Shinsaibashi PARCO, Osaka, Japan
“Collage folk art movement in Tokyo”KATA, Tokyo, Japan
“Contemporary Art”CADAN, Tokyo, Japan
“Decks” TORTOISE, Tokyo, Japan