*The program has been extended until Friday, September10.
Closed on Sun〜Tues (with exception of the last exhibiting day (5.28 Sun)



CALM & PUNK GALLERY is pleased to present non-syntax again this year, a series of exhibitions which have been held since 2021. non-syntax aims to contemplate and push the boundaries of images, thereby proposing a new visual experience.

[non-syntax Experimental Image 2023 SISA] focuses on the penetration and overlap between images, attempting to locate visual and auditory distances, which have been defined in various ways up till now and are in constant change and displacement. This exhibition aims to trace the white spaces unexposed to lines of sight whilst feeling connection that is birthed through intersecting artworks. All of these sensories are triggered within the pronunciation of the brief word SISA: the romaji reading of the Japanese word, [視差], meaning parallax. Differences in perspective are symbolic of a sort of oblique composure. In response to this, non-syntax attempts to utilize alternative and transgressive methods to form mobility within the complex spectrum of contemporary images.

The 2023 iteration of this program participated in the 20th anniversary of the Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul (EXiS), held from July 20 to 27, 2023. Furthermore, it will also be simultaneously held at three gallery spaces located in the Tokyo Aoyama area: CALM & PUNK GALLERY, EUKARYOTE, and Feb gallery Tokyo from August 18 to September 10.

HEART BOMB first started its VJ activities in 2001. Through video direction, production, and video installations, the collective offers a never before visual experience. From gaming footage delivered via RCA terminals to social networking videos that are transmitted through Wi-Fi, HEART BOMB employs the use of video equipment and materials to explore original experiences of “video” (Latin for “I see”) and the joys of unseen visual experiences.

This is HEART BOMB’s first ever exhibition. The 55 displays lined up in the exhibition space are custom-made and have been used in various VJ sites, reflecting the gazes of 55 people.

Extramission theory, a concept first originating in the 4th Century BC, proposes that the simple act of gazing generates energy. Even up till today, the phenomena and expressions of “feeling a gaze” exist beyond language. HEART BOMB, who have been providing visual experiences in music-present arenas, presents the energy of the gaze, which is not physically observed or measured like sound or light, and attempts to expand our perception of the present day as we continue to gaze at the display.

 VJ 2001〜|instagram @heartbomb_official| @HEARTBOMB_VJ

 Sound| XTAL (DJ / Track Maker)
 Graphic Design|Ryusuke Eda (bal director, Graphic Design, Art Director)
 Production Collaborator|Taiki Sugioka, Stephen Haynes, Kaname Hatano, 
Shin Iwabuchi, Shingo Fujii, Toru Shiomi, Yasu Nishimura

non-syntax Experimental Image Festival 2023 @non.syntax

EUKARYOTE   2023/8/18 (Fri) 〜 8/27(Sun)
Feb gallery Tokyo 2023/8/25 (Fri) 〜 9/3(Sun)
CALM & PUNK GALLERY  2023/8/25 (Fri) 〜 9/10(Sun)