Higashionna Yuichi "awkward assemblages"


Closed on Sun〜Tues (with exception of the last exhibiting day (3.26, Sun)


Gallery Opening Hours 12:00~19:00

CALM & PUNK GALLERY will be showing Yuichi Higashionna’s solo exhibition, [awkward assemblages] from 4th March (Sat) to 26th March (Sun). Together with the artist, CALM & PUNK GALLERY has featured his works in a total of 3 exhibitions within the span of 12 years, starting with his first solo at the gallery, [FL]. Higashionna’s observations on subtle discomforts and the uncanny residing within the everyday have played a crucial role in his long-standing creative practice. In his last 2 exhibitions, the artist has shown a diversity of works; object-installations made of an amalgamation of fluorescent lights, spray painted drawings and a mix of animation. [awkward assemblages] draws inspiration from the works of other artists that have long mesmerized and intrigued Higashionna. Encapsulating a breadth of varying mediums such as drawings, LED and fabric, his new series of works manifest in the form of an installation, exhibited in a white space beholding a soaring ceiling. The artist’s drawings, of which he has approached in the spirit of challenge, makes up the core of this exhibition. It is with our greatest pleasure that you may enjoy the viewing of his latest works.

Artist Statement

The blur that floats around the corner of our eyes; things that can only be recognized in the subconscious realm. Rubin’s Vase is an example that illustrates the phenomena of retreating visual subjects into a background by utilizing a composition of complementary images that offset a visual illusion (two side-profiles of a human face are imposed in the foreground, thus creating an illusion of a vase in the negative space.) Works by Goya, Turner, Munich, Lucien Freud and the painters themselves have long fascinated me. Within their works is an implied sense of anxiety, foreboding unease and sublimity. It is precisely these sensations that linger in the back of our minds that guides us to see and discern a visual subject from its background.

This series of drawings exhibited, depicts an amalgamation of references from the said painters above, and my personal motifs. By awkwardly assembling these drawings within the frame of the exhibition space, which thereby constructs an installation, the work invokes chaos in subtlety, as well as an awakening that extends throughout the gallery space.

Artist Profile

<Artist Profile> Yuichi Higashionna
2019「un-unheimlich/不気味でないモノ」VOID+ (Tokyo, Japan)
2015/2011 「glasstress 2015/2011」(Venetia, Italy)
2012 「FL」CALM&PUNK GALLERY (Tokyo, Japan)
2011/2008 「MASKED PORTRAIT I&II」Marianne Boesky Gallery(New York, USA)
2010「The New Décor」Hayward Gallery (London, England)
2009「Incidental Affairs」Suntory Museum [Tempozan] (Osaka, Japan)
2008「refract!」CALM&PUNK GALLERY (Tokyo, Japan)
「Musashino Art University 80th Anniversary: Metamorphosis -Objects Today- Exhibition vol.4」gallery αM(Tokyo, Japan)
2007「Roppongi Crossing 2007: Future Beats in Japanese Contemporary Art 」Mori Art Museum(Tokyo, Japan)
2006「Enjoyable House」Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art(Aichi, Japan)