Kenta SENEKT "Acceptance"


2024/6/28 (Friday) – 7/14 (Sunday)
Wednesday – Saturday, last Sunday
Free admission / Open by appointment outside the above hours.

CALM & PUNK GALLERY is delighted to present Kenta SENEKT’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo in ten years, titled “Acceptance”.
Influenced by graffiti, and movies, Kenta SENEKT’s work has evolved, focusing on live painting and the development of murals and canvases. Recently, there seems to be a shift in motifs from portraiture to non-figurative representations, though the artist asserts, “It’s simply a shift in perspective”.
This marks the second part in the “Arrangement” series, inspired by photographs of landscapes and man-made objects captured in the artist’s daily life and rendered using various techniques such as spraying, splattering, and squeegeeing. The exhibition will feature new large canvases painted during the artist’s residency at GASBON METABOLISM, an art complex in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, operated by GAS AS INTERFACE.
This series portrays lines reminiscent of waveforms or pulses overlapping on a screen, evoking the impression of buildings’ exteriors overlapping. It resembles a diagram devised by humans to unravel the mysteries of existence, a path emerging in harmony with the terrain for humanity, or flashes of lightning streaking across the sky.
Before being painted, the artist discovers it (or it appears before the artist’s eyes), and the image sensor*1 captures only a fragment of the landscape before the viewer’s eyes. Photography freezes the movement of landscapes or phenomena, now in the past, into stillness. When depicted in the studio and later viewed outside, these paintings become the genesis of a fresh accumulation of phenomena.
The “Arrangement” series serves as a perspective through which we contemplate, focusing on a singular point to seek answers and questions, pondering what we can perceive and grasp, and contemplating the existence of shared entities among us.
We cordially invite you to experience Kenta SENEKT’s ongoing experimentation with motifs, as he continues to confront and paint them from varying perspectives.
*1: An imaging element, also known as an image sensor, is a component that captures light collected by the lens and converts it into an electrical signal, forming an image.

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Born in Kyoto. In 2007, he began his production activities focusing on live painting, a form of improvisational expression. He has gradually shifted his media to wall paintings and tableaus that combine internal elements, and in recent years has expanded his range of expression to include installations and three-dimensional works. The intimacy of friendship, separated memories, snapshots that connect them, mix everyday emotions and events, and reflect them on the support. After working abroad in Melbourne from 2013 to 2017 and Berlin in 2018, he is currently based in Osaka.
Instagram @kenta_senekt

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July 2021 “UNLOGICAL” at MONO.LOGUES (Tokyo)
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