July 7 (Thursday) – July 17 (Sunday), 2016


12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Monday





Opening Reception

July 7 (Thursday)
19:00 – 22:00



Photographer Yosuke Torii has been crossing different fields and media including magazines, advertisement, live concerts etc. He keeps capturing moments of driving fluctuation and tranquility by well-calculated composition. He has focused on such diverse objects covering from big-time oversea musicians, local indie bands, actors, actresses, talents, to idols who all symbolize an atmosphere of the times.

For the first time in his career, he has just published a photograph collection book “BO” in a limited 500 circulation. To commemorate this release, a special photo exhibition “BO” will be held at “Calm & Punk Gallery” in Nishi Azabu from Thu. July 7 to Sun. July 17, featuring his 120 best photo works including cuts from the “BO” book.

The main subject of this photo show is a foursome Japanese psychedelic band Bo Ningen, who are known as a group of reverse importation from UK to Japan and beyond. Chasing the band’s activities in their ordinary life and on tour in their base now UK, Torii has succeeded in presenting his peculiar world seen from his point of view, that is blurred in clarity.

Yosuke Torii・鳥居洋介

Born in 1979 in Aichi Prefecture, Yosuke Torii has been working for diverse media, but what this photographer always centers are fashion and music magazines; his portraits and live concerts shots of musicians in and outside of Japan including UVERworld, mouse on the keys, KSUKE, Taro Hakase, RIHANNA have been receiving great appreciation from the artists.
In 2016, his first photo collection book “BO” will be published. It boasts of carefully woven pages by Torii’s close observation on a Japanese psychedelic rocker quartet BO NINGEN’s tours and everyday life in UK.

BO NINGEN・ボーニンゲン

Enlightenment activists from far east psychedelic underground.Bo Ningen are from Tokyo, Gunmma, Tajimi, Nishinomiya, but all met in London.In 2006 Taigen (vocal & bass) met Kohhei (guitar) at a gig and they formed the first Bo Ningen duo. It was more noise than a straightforward rock or ‘band’ sound and they performed only once – an improvised set (end up being thrown cups and cans). In 2007, Yuki (guitar) met Taigen they started to jam 10 hours a day in a studio in Hackney without any musical structure, they were later joined by Monchan on drums and the present day Bo Ningen was formed.Being ‘psychedelic’ means to us that stand quietly / loudly in the middle of interzone and stare at both sides at once.