ancco solo exhibition 'MILK LAND'


* We postponed the exhibition dates. *


* Closed on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday

Opening Time

13:00 – 19:00

CALM & PUNK GALLERY will be showcasing artist ancco’s exhibition, “MILK LAND”, from October 23rd, 2020 (Friday).

ancco has contributed her works to various brands over the years, including UNDERCOVER, GAP and Kiko Mizuhara’s original brand “OK”. Her career spans across borders, including collaborative works with Canadian culture magazine “Total Pet Vol.1” (published under Editorial Magazine) and Shanghai-based publication house SAME PAPER.

This exhibition, held in commemoration of the release of ancco’s latest hand bound risograph book, “MILK LAND” (published by TANG DENG), is her first exhibition in four years. Born and raised in the rural countryside to a family of dairy farmers, ancco found excitement and inspiration in the world of Internet art communities.
The moment ancco returned from school, ancco glued herself to the computer, drawing and conversing with her online art friends. This vibrant virtual community eventually grew to become her second home.

ancco’s iconic characters, born in this alternative virtual space, have grown to represent ancco’s many emotions and personalities, emanating a sense of comfort to those who come across them. “MILK LAND” will be the world’s first encounter with the theme park of characters created by ancco’s imagination. This exhibition includes her first foray into mediums such as large scale canvases, ceramic pieces and 3D sculptures. Please enjoy the “MILK LAND” parallel universe, created by weaving together ancco’s otherworldly characters with elements of our world.


There is a place to reach when you trace back to formative experience of passion.
The place is a found playground, shining within the closed daily life.

It all started at a countryside living of my birthplace.
I hear a black and white cow mooing from my father’s stock farm.

The Windows95, which was inherited from my father when I was 9 years old.
The days of drawing characters while sticking my face very close to the surface of the monitor.
As a method of creating and socializing, I was sucked into the internet, especially joining the chatting thread about drawing.

The fun of interacting with the anonymous through each of our drawings.
Parallel to my countryside living at the stock farm, there existed another world.

Being born and raised at the stock farm, where is surrounded by rich nature, it is a parallel world of ruminated imagination.
The theme park “MILK LAND” is now opening.

ー ancco

Painter, illustrator 

With illustration at the core, ancco has worked as an artist, editorial designer, and graphic designer for both local and international brands since 2011.