ten_do_ten solo exhibition CHARAGRAPHY



※ Open on Wednesday 〜 Saturday,Last Sunday

*Please wear a mask, take your temperature and disinfect yourself when you visit the venue.

*Please note that admission may be restricted depending on the congestion of the venue. Thank you for understanding in advance that you may be required to stand in line.

*Please note that the exhibition period and opening hours may be subject to change depending on the situation. Any changes will be announced on the gallery website and Instagram.



CALM & PUNK GALLERY is pleased to announce “CHARAGRAPHY,” a solo exhibition by ten_do_ten, from 12/3 (Sat) to 25 (Sun). This exhibition will be ten_do_ten’s first exhibition at CALM & PUNK GALLERY in 8 years since his solo exhibition “paper bag Days – 678 Weeks” in 2014. ten_do_ten is a pixel designer who manipulates pixels at will. He began creating pixel art in junior high school after encountering pixels on his father’s microcomputer.
After studying under Gento Matsumoto at Musashino Art University, he joined the Art group in Delaware in 1995, then left in 2001. In the early mobile web service “The End,” an official i-mode site led by Hajime Tachibana, he exhibited mobile graphics weekly with Tadanori Yokoo and obeyed GIANT. After 9.11, 2001, he started the website “ten_do” and released pixel graphics online every week. The number of pixel artworks created daily has exceeded 23,000 and continues to increase. He has been actively participating in domestic design and collaboration work such as the Sogo Seibu Ikebukuro store campaign, the official logo mark for the Rolling Stones Japan tour, the UNIQLO Christmas World campaign, as well as overseas client work and exhibitions. In addition, he has been actively participating in overseas client work and exhibitions. In “CHARAGRAPHY,” 68 of his new works will fill the exhibition space with pixelated calligraphy-like designs of characters that ten_do_ten himself has a special attachment to “CHARAGRAPHY,” is a unique experiment by ten_do_ten, who has presented his works in pixel data since before the spread of digital art as we know it today. In addition, “CALM & PUNK Book” will be restarted with this exhibition, and the art book “ten_do_ten : 3×4 CALM & PUNK Book#1” will be on sale at the exhibition venue.

Artist statement

The exhibition will feature a collection of all of ten’s favorite characters from all over the world,
The exhibition is an exhibition of “Charagraphy”, which is a calligraphic (calligraphic) collection of three-dimensional works featuring ten’s favorite characters.
“Charagraphy” is a “calligraphic” form of “character”.
“Charagraphy” is “Calligraphy” of “Calligraphy”.
“Charagraphy” is “Cháragraphía” as in “Calligraphy”.

In English, a character is “character.”
In English, a character is also “character”

In these days when digital art is an object of investment, “By the very nature of digital data, my pixel data has already been shared completely and fairly with everyone, and my pixel data is already uploaded to the web and cannot be bought with any currency.” so I have decided to present a straight ahead as an exhibition of pixel paintings on a pure white canvas.

I will be showing my favorite characters in the style of “Charagraphy” using them as role models, just like my predecessors who did “character zenga” of Daruma-san, Jurojin-chan, and Kozan/Ichitokun with a frizzy mind.

Painting with pixels is fundamentally different from painting or writing with a brush. Drawing a picture or calligraphy on paper with an ink-soaked brush is a once-in-a-lifetime process that cannot be redone, and requires time, brush, paper, and an artist.

In contrast, placing pixels on the screen with the mouse can be done over and over again, and whether the pixel itself is a “little boy” or a “big teacher,” the pixel that is being placed in the same pixel.

The work is done with a meditative brush, subject to the constraints of material, time, and the artist’s skill. The work with plastic pixels is not subject to the constraints of material, time, and the artist’s skill.

What do you think? They are opposites, aren’t they? But because they are opposites, when you aim for similar perfection, there is something about them that pulls them together in a yin-yang way, modern, special chemistry!

We dedicate this exhibition to Bill Atkinson, creator of MacPaint, Hypercard, and QuickDraw.


ten_do_ten is a Japanese pixel designer.
“ten” means dot and pixel in Japanese, ten dose tens, ten by ten.
ten_do_ten is a Japanese pixel designer.
“ten” means dot and pixel in Japanese, ten dose tens, ten by ten.
While a student at Musashino Art University,
he studied under Gento Matsumoto.
He became a band member of Delaware in 1995 and left in 2001.
In 2001, after 9/11, he launched the website ten_do.
As a pixel designer who manipulates pixels at will,
he designs domestically, sexily, craftily,
crazily, and stoically on a daily basis.
In addition to design activities and collaborative productions in Japan,
he has participated in numerous client work and exhibitions overseas.