Colliu Solo Exhibition "ROOM"


2017.07.01.Sat ~ 07.16.Sun


12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Sunday,Monday,public holiday
Open on last Sunday



6.13.Fri 19:00~22:00


There is a character I have been drawing.
By trial and error, I’ve experimented how I could associate it with the three dimensions I exist.

One day while I was looking at a folding screen, byoubu, I realized that even two dimensions could transform into three dimensions by turning them to different directions and combining them. With this notion, I tried producing solid bodies.
Then I thought if the objets could work as interior, just as folding screens, they might generate fresh sights adapting themselves to the ordinary surroundings. That led to this exhibition.

I would be most delighted if you enjoy my new attempts.

Colliu boasts a wide array of creative practices as an artist including modelling.
She has been expressing a very distinctive world of her own interweaving a variety of disciplines such as drawings, paintings, and three-dimensional works.