Jonathan Zawada solo exhibition


September 13th(Sat) – October 5th(Sun) ,2014


12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Monday



Entrance Admission


Opening Reception

September 12th (Fri)
19:00 ~ end

Jonathan Zawada will come to the reception himself

Atmosphere is proud to present up and coming LA-based artist Jonathan Zawada`s first solo exhibition in Japan – “TOUCHINGLY UNFEELING”.

Jonathan Zawada was born in Australia and currently working as an artist in Los Angeles. Zawada previously worked in Sydney as a graphic designer with clients such as Tsubi, Sixpack France, Collete, Liberty of London, Warp Records and Modular Records. After moving to Los Angeles in 2011 his focus turned more towards to fine art, and his trendsetting artworks has received praises and attention from all over the world.

TOUNCHINGLY UNFEELING is Jonathan Zawada`s first solo exhibition in Japan, and features a variety of art mediums including sculptures, prints, and video installations. The exhibition revolves around “Digitalization of life and society” as well as the rapid advancement of modern society along with advantages and disadvantages that came with it. Zawada`s concept was inspired by “Perlin Noise”- a widely known CG technique. By visualizing and giving his original interpretation of the “behavior in the digital world”, Zawada problematizes the related consequences.


“During my career in computer graphics, I came up with techniques that played with the boundary between order and chaos. It seems that people have found those techniques to be useful. When it comes to visual stimuli, human in general love order, but at the same time we also love chaos, especially when our signal and noise blend together, it is just feel a right mix.”

– Ken Perlin

The “Perlin Noise” algorithm, created by Ken Perlin, is one of the most widely used algorithms for designing natural objects such as wood, fire, smoke, water etc. with computer graphics. It is commonly used in the gaming world, where ‘Skinning’, a technique for making up surface and texture to use in character design, customize weapons in game design. As a simulated object, it is managed to expressing object with high accuracy.

Although ‘Skinning’ is a digital object, it has effort to bring into life and portrayed ‘a desire to be anonymous’ and ‘want to be recognized’ simultaneously.

– Jonathan Zawada


We are extremely happy to be able to present the works of Jonathan Zawada here in Tokyo at CALM&PUNK GALLERY.