Landscape Elsewhere

Exhibition period

4/22(Fri.)〜 4/24(Sun.)

Opening hours

13:00 – 20:30




*Please bring a mask. We kindly ask that our guests wear masks while in the gallery.

*You may have to wait to enter depending on how crowded the gallery is.

*Period and operation hours are subject to change depending on the situation. Please check our HP or instagram.

CALM & PUNK GALLERY will hold a pre-exhibition of the Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival 2022 from 22-24 April and will launch the Open Call for 2022 on 10 April.

The Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival focuses on the alternative possibilities of video and aims to diversify its creative potential. In 2021, the festival received 2517 submissions from 109 countries and regions, from which 66 films by 62 artists were selected and screened in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

Wen Hsu, who lives in Taiwan and has served as a jury member for numerous film festivals, was invited as guest curator for this pre-exhibition. The exhibition features work by six artists from Japan, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, and Taiwan, including the work that was selected for last year’s festival and three works that are being shown in Japan for the first time.

Exhibition Concept:

At earlier times, in the summer evenings during my childhood when I had watched from the valley as swallows circled in the last light, still in great numbers in those days, I would imagine that the world was held together by the courses they flew through the air.

ーーW.G. Sebald

Memory always resists placement and arrangement towards itself and surrounds a place of absence like dust. As described in W.G. Sebald’s novel The Rings of Saturn, in a lonesome strolling journey along a deserted coast, as the weather and terrain change, any moment of triviality or seemingly meaninglessness, becomes a moment to open up a meditation on history and memory. Inspired by the unique writing of the novel – whether it is a disjointed chapter composition, or an antique image interspersed among paper, the work of this exhibition surveys a different profile of time, presenting the flow of real time in an empty landscape, the state of boredom during a trip, or a reflection on historical archives and intimate memories. The exhibition begins from this slow and silent literary experience, which makes fragmented daily returns to the sensual duration of images. In a space transformed into a visual situation, the exhibition moves between the boundaries of event/time and place/space by roaming and viewing, thus triggering the viewer’s respective imagination.

*This exhibition is a preceding project to the “non-syntax Experimental Image Festival” in 2022, and after the exhibition at Calm & Punk Gallery in Tokyo, the participating works will also be shown in an exclusive section of the main festival in Taipei.

Jin Qiuyu |Hsu Chun Yi |Wen Hsu

Participating artists:

Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu |Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh | Yuki Harada |Pieter Swier
Shaun Finneran & Sofia Petersen|Daniel & Clara