Lucas Dillon & Russell Maurice Exhibition "Slow Vibration Atom"


2017.9.15.fri ~ 9.30.sat


12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Sunday,Monday





Out at sea, no stars above.
A sensation of ripples below.
Side to side the edge of the horizon meets the water as a single black plane.
It could be right in front of your nose or a thousand miles away.
Up down over or under in this flat fog.
A line is cast out no plunk echoes.
Gradually the thick black begins to dissipate into a thinner matter.
We start moving through it.
Down up maybe sideways there is no indication but a vibration.
A slow silent humming a fine black netting.
As the vibration increases the horizon opens up.
A thin white glow bleaches the black from overhead.
It’s getting thicker again.
We’re in down deep.
See you later.


Lucas Dillon and Russell Maurice both have had a long standing interest in the subconscious, using it as a tool to inform their works. By channeling images and narratives from another time, space or plane they intend to simultaneously build representations of their findings, whilst depicting a direct reflection of the the world we collectively inhabit.

Their works function on various levels, maybe as a comment or a question but rarely a direct answer. They view aspects of their working methodology as an archaeological journey through the self using the notion that all matter is one and thus interconnected.
For Dillon and Maurice if all matter is interconnected, vibrating and breathing as one, it is not only logical but important to attempt to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, and by doing this making these ideas real.

The works presented in Slow Vibrating Atom deal with the idea of the lost and found. What is beyond the picture and what has happened before. Dillon and Maurice present a series of works, which are fragments of a larger narrative and history. Dillon uses drawing and painting as a medium to project energies from the world as we know it, to depict another. Whilst Maurice similarly displays his projected histories through painting and sculpture. The works on display all outline a history of searching and finding.

Lucas Dillon (b.1990) is an Irish artist currently living and working in London. He is currently completing a postgraduate degree in fine art at The Royal Academy of Arts, London. Dillon previously completed a degree in BA Sculpture and participated in residency programmes including Air Sandes, Norway and Rupert, Lithuania, whilst also exhibiting internationally.

Russell Maurice (b.1975) is Living and working in Tokyo. He Studied at Saint Martins for his Masters and was included in New Contemporaries at the Institute of Contemporary Art, 2010. He has Collaborated with Brands such as Medicom, Porter, G Givenchy, Nike and exhibited globally.