Ly ART SHOW 2016


June 10 (Friday) – June 26 (Sunday), 2016


12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Monday





Opening Reception

June 10 (Friday)
19:00 – 22:00


Hip / Colorworks

Ly has been depicting in white, black and grey colours, her filled with anger inner world, inhabited by monsters and words as ‘shit’ & ‘hate’. The overflowing with energy world, has been shown on murals in numerous world-wide cities as: Tokyo, Paris, Bangkok, Singapore and Los Angeles.

In her current solo exhibition “Far from Home” Ly pauses and reflects back on the inner world, she has been incessantly depicting on murals, since her early childhood. While expressing her emotions: anger and sadness on the murals, Ly and her monsters have gone ‘far from home’ without even noticing. Suddenly, she realized that she has finished portraying her inner world. Also, she felt that the monsters have slipped away from her and have started living their own life. ‘What on Earth am I going to paint now? Shit!’- said Ly to herself, whilst her new drawing attempts were constantly collapsing.

At this exhibition Ly showcases her inner world via landscapes, repeatedly collapsing and being regenerated on the gallery murals. Ly has been painting for 11 years already and is currently pondering ‘What will I paint from now on?’ Please enjoy the space where she pauses to reflect on the collapse of her work.


Ly is a painter, born in Tokyo. She has been depicting her inhabited by monsters imaginary world in white, black and gray colours. The source of her work are feelings of anger such as: ‘Shit & Hate.’ She is mainly doing mural painting, and has exhibited in cities world-wide as: Tokyo, Paris, Bangkok, Los Angeles etc. When she was 11 years old, studying painting at an art school, she was overwhelmed by her friends’ drawing mastery. Ly felt very envious of the drawing skills of her friends. Nevertheless, she continued her art education, but only did freehand drawings. As a result she did not improve her drawing skills and she started panicking that she won’t be able to pass the entrance exam for an Art University. Ly finally encountered Street Art through her boyfriend, when she was in high school. She was fascinated by mural paintings and graffiti, but she also felt envious of the street artists’ skills. About that time, she started creating works based on her frustration that she can’t draw skillfully, expressing feelings of : ‘Anger,’ ‘Hate,’ ‘Envy’ and ‘Damn!’ Harmony Korine was her hero from the time in high school.

Selected works:
ART SHOW「PARK’ S GRAY」(2013, GALLERY TARGET) ART SHOW「harmony」(2014, Gallery COMMON) Mural「HATEFUL LANDSCAPE」(2014, MUJI at Shinjuku) Mural「PARCO’ S PARK」(2015, Shibuya PARCO) Mural「GRAY’ S LANDSCAPE」(2015, PAPABUBBLE) Mural「LUVLUVLUV」(2015, THE JAM FAVTORY / Bangkok)