Maki Taguchi Solo Exhibition
"Beautiful Escape"


2017.8.19.sat ~ 8.27.sun


Closed Sunday,Monday




with drink”Why Juice?”


「Beautiful Escape」

They want to do “something” and they want to go “somewhere.”
I love girls’ desire.
The motives always take young ladies’ out there.
Their straight eyes, reflecting light, gaze at the lens with the pupils dilated by pure lust and curiosity for the unknown.
They don’t know “what” it is, but they want to do “something.”
Chasing the unpredictable, they want to run with it.
It’s like beautiful girls in pretty dresses run through a town at full speed.
Their thin and smooth hair swings and downy hair on bare skins sparkles, lighted by the sun.
When they run, they find themselves in a jungle, on a field, at a stage with the curtains raised. They always think about fleeing.
Little adventures to somewhere they don’t know;
In the town they always pass, in the town they have passed and are going to pass hundreds of times and thousands of times. In the room they live now, or in clear air of morning by the sea.
What do you want to do? It could be anything.
You can put on whatever you like or undress what you wear.
Anything goes.
I love beautiful girls, especially.
Being beautiful is very important.
In other words, I love girls who know they are beautiful. Just being beautiful as a matter of course.
Beautiful girls and I
I play “escapes” with them. These photos are the records of those precious moments.

Maki Taguchi
Since 2007, Taguchi has been working as a free-lance photographer focusing on the portraits of girls, and in a wide range of fields including magazine editorials, CD sleeves, and photo models. She also handles products and services featuring girls, including publications, application development, tie-in contents of corporations, and concept planning.
She does a photo serial “21 Century Girls” on.