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Sunday, Monday

Opening Reception

7.13(Fri) 19:00-22:00

You would usually hear generators powering the site but it’s silent,
if you get up close, you can see that the water droplets are repeated on the side of the glass, both discouraging and thrilling.
All of the characters giving out flyers are mangled and warped with disregard for copyright. Lawless rendering from undominant hands.
through the mesh of the smiley mouth you can see a face like a haunted potato.
That reminds me when the seam ripped a bit on a stuffed bear i had growing up, picking it apart i found another bear inside, a range that didn’t sell, uncerimoniously repurposed.
a friend saw the new Tarzan on a plane and they forget a scene in the edit and red screen said the missing media is ‘jungle_sideboob_01’. i can’t stop thinking about that.
anyway, maybe write something in calligraphy it will give it that handmade appeal.
the banner on the church railings is offering a Top up session to your spider problem.
It’s ok to cheat a little bit, personal gain minus looking at yourself in the mirror.
anyway, this is modern warfare, this is the reasoner (in brackets)
i mean ‘The reasoner‘ should be in brackets,
or maybe just quotation marks.
music comes in etc.

Lung lives and works in London, He is writing this in the third person singular.
Its strange isn’t it?, when you know it’s the artist who’s written this and they pretend its someone else,
and also when they’ve written ‘Lives and works’. Surely its obvious that they would have to live in the same city they work in,
the commute would be exhausting, maybe the jet lag would help the work? I don’t know.

So here’s the other stuff you need in a Bio (I’m going to drop the third person thing):
I have exhibited in US, Japan and UK, I went to art school with reasonable attendance and I mostly make paintings and sculptures.
If we were still pretending someone else was writing this, I could include some quotes from some fake interviews describing my work, I’ve read bio’s where people do that.
but I cant really do that now I’m talking to you directly.
if I have to sum it up at the time of writing, I think of the stuff I make as that feeling when you see a continuity error in a film,
the actor gets out of the pool then they’re hair is dry in the next scene a second later, or when you hear the same bit of library music advertising different products. That’s what its like, I think. I should have made that into some kind of fake quote. Too late now.

I’ve just online that you should:
Keep the bio structure short, concise and to the point.
A rambling disjointed bio will only confuse or lose the reader all together.
Always write the bio in the third person (as if someone other than the artist is writing the bio).

So I’ve rambled too much here I think and I ruined the third person thing early on.
I’ll keep it short.
Check out the work if you want, no pressure.

(where he lives and works)