"not colored yet" by Midori Kawano


Jan 26th(Fri) – Feb 16th(Fri)


12:00 – 19:00
Feb 13th-16th
: 14:00 – 21:00


Closed on Monday




Jan 26th(Fri)


Feb 10th(Sat) 16:00 – 17:00
MASSAGE』Editor Yusuke Shono x Midori Kawano Talk Show

From latent images to colorful pleasures

Not Colored Yet, the first exhibition of Midori Kawano who has created significant number of graphical and video works, displays an array of pieces that return to her core expression.
[Not Colored Yet is titled after the artist’s first name “未彩.” “未” means “not yet,” and “彩” implies “colors.”]

A and B are friends. Then C joins them.
A and B might get more intimate or separated. Meanwhile, surprisingly, A and C or B and C might fall in love.
“The tension of a love triangle is a basic structure of romantic comedies,” an editor explained to comic artist Kazuo Umezu. This led to I Am Shingo, a love story beyond a romantic comedy by the artist, which is about the three-cornered relationship between a boy, girl, and robot(!)
This (!) is real creation.

“Being an artist and designer doesn’t change essence of my activities.”
Art or commercial designs; Midori Kawano strides over such boundaries we set out.
She dug (mediated), dug (in a cave), and dug (hypnotherapy), finding herself A as a potential artist and,
B as a designer who visualizes the positions of products in accordance with the tide of the times.
She looks down at A and B, inviting C, then equalizes them to give outputs—Kawano’s works boast C (!) parts that can’t be born from our transparent processes.

Well then, what is C?
For instance, she might say it’s the universe.
A love triangle between you, you, and the universe!
How can we resist chasing such an unpredictable story?
Not Colored Yet are very appropriate words to present such Kawano’s practices.
There must be new (!) to who attend it (!)

Rin Matsunaga, Editor

Midori Kawano

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawano has been producing pieces inspired by spacy atmospheres music or art conveys. A graduate of Tama Art University (product design major), she has been working for projects as an art director, graphic designer, and video director.