Tact Sato(ifax!)
Solo exhibition "tarimú"


2017.12.23 – 12.26
2018.1.5 – 1.14.


12:00 – 19:00


Closed on Monday




Dis 21th(Fri)

Calm & Punk Gallery is delighted to present “tarimú”, a solo exhibition by an artist Tact Sato (ifax!) from Sat Dec. 23, 2017.
An expert of spatial presentation utilizing different forms and materials, Sato is recently receiving recognition for that expertise combining neon signs and plants. The “tarimú” showcase brings about an exotic space that only exists in this occasion fusing such material as installations consisting of flotsam he picked up from his local Yokosuka shores, paintings, photography, water, and sounds among other things. 10 new pieces that combine neon signs and plants will make their debut, too. The presentation includes not only solid works but also paintings, collages, and, as a new direction, photography created via sessions with
a photographer Takako Noel. The world he depicts for this release reminds you of the organic and effective fractal phenomenon

It sometimes occurs: ordinary sceneries you come across on turning corners drive you to new strange feelings when you sense all the organic phenomena such as woods, flowers, moss, light, stains, scents and so on come as one.
Satoʼs works are made of a wide spectrum of media including installations by drifts mixture collected from his native beaches of Yokosuka, drawings, photography, water, sounds, and so on. They react each other, reflecting the time of day, temperature, and coincidences, to lead to a fundamental formation of the existence of the universe along with a leap of imagination.
They get to recall the biological and effective fractal phenomena, reaching to a fresh conception in the end, offering you a comfortable ambience.

Tact Sato(ifax!)
Tact Sato (ifax!)
The artist centers his practices in paintings, graphics, solid works, and music, but recently pushes the boundary to the spatial expression mixing neon lights and plants exhibited in diverse types of places such as galleries, beaches, and mountainsides. The spaces he creates using a large variety of media and material are filled with certain kinds of signs, feed back each other, and evolve. His accidental and euphoric sound activities are carried out under the name of ifax!, editing numerous recordings.