Yuma Yoshimura Solo Exhibition
“beyond the shapes”


July 29th(Sat) – August 13th(Sun)


12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Sunday・Monday
※Open on Last Day : August 13th(Sun)



Opening Reception

July 28th(Fri)

I introduce a series of works entitled“beyond the shapes.”The work is an attempt to recognize previously perceived forms in a new light by breaking them up into parts. It is simultaneously an act of shedding the viewpoints that have accumulated unnoticed to go back to the starting point, thereby polishing the forms.
I have always worked with essential themes inspired by commonly shared, universal sensations such as occasional feelings of confusion and uncertainty and opposites like light and darkness. I would frame the subjects in a monochromatic world using combinations of different materials and techniques.
At one point in the process, I felt increasingly compelled to turn inward, which culminated in a period of distancing myself from society. I lost my passion to paint. After some years, I gradually returned to creative work but was still unclear what concepts and viewpoints needed to be expressed.
Hence, upon creating this series, I began by reviewing my past works and analyzing fixed ideas and perspectives. I took my time discovering new forms by drawing in sketchbooks and collecting lines that felt good to me. Based on the drawings, I searched for the lines and forms I wanted until I was satisfied, always keeping in mind of the interconnection of planes and the motions of structures. To complete the works, I mainly used simple materials like paper and wood panels.
If I ever become unclear about my own viewpoints again in the future, I will pose conscious questions and refer to this series as a signpost to continue. I hope to reflect that which is obtained by going beyond form, which lies ahead on the other side, in my essential themes.

Yuma Yoshimura
Born in Japan, in 1980.
He received a B.F.A from the Department of Painting, Printmaking course, Tama Art University in 2004, and currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.
Yoshimura’s works have been exhibited internationally. In 2011, he participated in the residency program at A Word of Art in Cape Town, South Africa. He also had a solo exhibition “In-to-You,” there. In 2013, he had a solo exhibition “The Burning Silence” at Montana Gallery, in Barcelona, Spain, as well as participating in the Vladivostok Biennale, Russia.
Yoshimura paints and draws motifs in detail using black and white tones. His monochrome pictures reflect the sense of uncertainty and chaos accompanying our daily lives.