Yuma Yoshimura Solo Exhibition
“beyond the shapes”


July 29th(Sat) – August 13th(Sun)


12:00 – 19:00
Closed on Sunday・Monday
※Open on Last Day : August 13th(Sun)



Opening Reception

July 28th(Fri)

Utilizing multiple material and methods, I’ve been molding this conception of ordinary articles that anyone can experience in their daily lives into a monochrome world.
As time went by, I gradually lost persistence in drawing, leaving concepts and perspectives indispensable for creation out of focus.
This series, Beyond the Shapes, is a trial to completely disassemble configurations I grasped so that I could see it in a new light. I need to cut the viewpoints to the bone that increased without my knowledge, going back to the starting point to sharpen the forms up. I believe that suspecting my point of view intentionally from time to time enables to take me back to the origin if I utilize this series as guidance. I will also keep incorporating this trial into my essential themes that lay ahead and beyond this point.

Yuma Yoshimura
Born in Japan, in 1980.
He received a B.F.A from the Department of Painting, Printmaking course, Tama Art University in 2004, and currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.
Yoshimura’s works have been exhibited internationally. In 2011, he participated in the residency program at A Word of Art in Cape Town, South Africa. He also had a solo exhibition “In-to-You,” there. In 2013, he had a solo exhibition “The Burning Silence” at Montana Gallery, in Barcelona, Spain, as well as participating in the Vladivostok Biennale, Russia.
Yoshimura paints and draws motifs in detail using black and white tones. His monochrome pictures reflect the sense of uncertainty and chaos accompanying our daily lives.