Memories from the emptied out field
by Leon Sadler&Noel Freibert


6.9(Sat) ~ 6.24(Sun)


12:00 – 19:00


Sunday, Monday

Opening Reception

6.8(Fri) 19:00-22:00

There is an idyllic pasture, the generic grass grows verdantly and baby lambs make sure to eat all of the beautiful meadow flowers. The lambs are scratchy and have legs made from household objects.

Mop head broom hand

Three guardian angels swing carelessly to and fro. There are three of them, but Good/Medium/Evil do not exist here and the binary scale slides freely. The guardian angel’s offer guidance and support, they are bodyless heads of wisdom.

Broom head screw hand

Bodies are overrated. A rare anomaly appears and is included. Something about a body as impermanent, that can be re-shaped to some extent.

Pencil leg bucket face

What does heaven look like to a teddy bear who has been tied to the front of a truck and blasted with road muck?

Empty clothes and stuffie skins.

The creatures that populate the pasture are not alive. The scarecrows are rudimentary figures wearing a body as they would wear their ragged human clothes; performing the role of a gargoyle, they scare everything without selection. Go away: Good, Medium and Evil!

Noel Freibert (1985-?) lives in Baltimore Maryland, USA.
He is the creator of the graphic novel Old Ground from Koyama Press. His work has been shown internationally and is featured in the book collections of the Museum of Modern Art NYC and The Baltimore Museum of Art. Past shows “The Lateness of the Hour” Evening Hours NYC, “The Tortured Page” Current Gallery Baltimore MD, “Visible Matter (Above Ground)” Open Space Baltimore MD. Bibliography includes C-A-T Spells Murder from KARMA, Kramers Ergot edited by Sammy Harkham, and Mould Map from Landfill Editions.

Leon Sadler (1984-?) lives in Nottingham, UK, Europe.
Has exhibited internationally, recent shows include “PARAZONE EXPANSION…” with Stefan Sadler at Dinner Party Gallery, London; “Poltergeist” at Syson Gallery, Nottingham; “Bumblebee” at Hole Of The Fox, Antwerp; “Trespasser” at Wish Less, Tokyo; “Bless This Mess” with Lucas Dillon at So Gallery, Tokyo.
As part of the artist video group Famicon, self-publishes underground manga and zines, and is co-editor of Sci-Fi art anthology Mould Map with Hugh Frost of Landfill Editions, currently launching it’s 7th issue.
Bibliography includes Beano Henge and Sun Flowers by Nieves, DNA FAILURE by Picturebox, Kramers Ergot edited by Sammy Harkham and Nazi Knife by FLTMSTPC.
Recently collaborating on textile design with Gasius, Medicom Fabrick, G for Givenchy and Nike ACG.