Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival

Event Dates

June 25, 2021 – June 27, 2021

Application Period

April 7, 2021 – June 7, 2021
※ We ended the application period after June 8,2021.

The Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival focuses on the alternative possibilities of video and aims to diversify its creative potential.

This film festival will be held at CALM & PUNK GALLERY in Tokyo, exhibiting works collected online from around the world. The concept of this festival involves not only the screening and exhibition of works, but also the idea of the viewer and the artist occupying the same space through visual art, and holding space for imagination and creation in opposition to consuming images.

In modern society, “images” color our everyday lives. “Viewing” has become an increasingly popular way of approaching society, and as the pandemic closes us off from our immediate environment, we accept this as part of our daily lives.

On the other hand, the development of all media – smartphones, TVs, screens, etc. – is not just a mere development of technology, but is constantly updating the conventional context and order of images, and possibly impacting our perception of them.
In this exhibition, the possibilities of video works of various genres, such as video, experimental films, animation, performance art, and audio art, will be realized in one space. In addition, by presenting video works that provide clues to new contexts, my hope for this film festival is that it will act as a mirror for viewers to face themselves and recognize the margins between media.
This is an attempt to generate a deeper dialog by mixing a wide variety of categories and definitions.

– Qiuyu Jin, Hsu Chun Yi

The artists who will have their works shown in the “Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival” have been decided. Sixty-six entries were selected out of a total of 2,517 entries from 109 countries and regions, that included video art, experimental films, animation and performance art.

Here are the list of winners:

Archive, Image, Ephemera

Oliver Folcarelli
Alexander Fingrutd
Anastasia Shubina / Timofey Glinin
Charles Dykstal
Chiara Rigione
Flora Nakazone
Gianrico Di Gennaro
Jacob Maximillian Baron
Johann Calderón
Juan Muñoz
Lorenzo Junyent
Onyou Oh
Peter Klausz
Salvatore Insana
Shaun Finneran / Sofia Petersen
Walter Smits

Body as Document

Hsin-Yu Chen
CabezadeParolez Teatro /ALEXIS TRIGO
Humberto Giancristofaro
Julia Lucesole/ Amelia Orden /Vanessa Salamanca
Jungkyun Shin
Oona Taper
Gesa Kolb / Till Gombert
Weihan Zhou
Yeh Che

Kinetic Thinking

Arte Wescley Braga
Luo Sijia
Belen Resnikowski
Celia Eid
Julia Feliksa Wojciechowska
Nenad Nedeljkov
Dianna Barrie
Ruxandra Mitache
Sun Yiyang
Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat
Vera Sebert
Zsolt Gyenes

Landscape from Elsewhere

Lin Yichiang
Afrian Purnama
Alcaeus Spyrou
Andrius Zemaitis
Antes Muerto
João Ricardo Paulino
Gianmarco Donaggio
Mattia Biondi
Merryn Jeann
Nicolas Toniollo
Jeroen Van der Stock
Polina Berestovaia
Rubén Marín
Jacqueline Heeley / Philippe Faujas

Toward the Virtual

Lilian Robl
Nikos Koustoz
Caspar de Gelmini
David Anthony Sant
Gon Caride
Ihsu Yoon
Lin Yen Ju
Lin Zhe Zhi
Mati Pirsztuk
Muriel Paraboni
Manolo Fraga
Yang Qinhua

 The winners are divided into five categories. In the first category, “Other Scenery, ” the focus is on how space, location, and image lure viewers to other places. The “Body as a Document” focuses on how the body itself, its performance, its actions, and so on, form various relationships with the camera’s frame, which are themselves recorded as documents. In “dynamic thinking,” we select works that express colors, lines, textures, contours, light and shadows simply, away from the storytelling of images.

“Archive, Image, and Ephemera” is a discussion of experimental films, found-images, and visual archives, focusing on the materiality of images, time, and memory. Finally, in “Towards Virtual,” we selected works that dismantle various media in the digital age and question our knowledge and understanding in a virtual space.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival where we explore a new dimension of “images” and “videos”!


Qiuyu Jin

Born in Shanghai, China in 1995.
Currently pursuing a doctorate in International Art Creation at Tokyo University of the Arts.
Participated in Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, Tokyo Biennale, etc.
“Alter-narratives: A possible story”, co-curator

Hsu Chun Yi

Born in Taiwan in 1992.
Currently studying in PhD Program, School of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of Arts.
Recipient of Hong Kong Youth Literary Awards (Literary Critique) and S-An Art Thesis Award
Participated in Taipei Poetry Festival and Taiwan Annual

Not in this Image (2020, The Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei)
Encounter with Image (2020, Jing Lü Art, Taipei)